I don’t know if I’d ever be rescued again

my soul and my heart

Up in the sky I saw the hope get lost in the air

I saw the lights speak the language different from what I used to understand

Flew through clouds I saw the good old time whispering

to my soul and my heart

I closed my eyes to note every complicated feeling swarming out aimlessly, but I couldn’t

I don’t know anymore

my soul and my heart

– December 2021, Above Taiwan



one and a half cigarettes

one to ourselves, the other we shared

it was love, but neither of us felt any need to say it

the warm air lay on our skin

sun between the clouds

a barely pink sky

struggling to impress us

nothing waited beyond this moment

swollen with possibility

all of life gathered here

we decided, stubbornly, finally

‘if this isn’t happiness, i don’t know what is’

– Aug 2018, Tokyo





Wherever matters. So don’t panic, it’s organic.